13 Things to do in Medan Part 2

If you have decided want to visit Medan as your holiday destination, you should ensure that you have listed all of the places and foods that you shouldn’t miss it in your visitation. Well, not every time you can visit this city, note: if you aren’t from this Sumatera Island, so that you have to ensure that your visitation to this city will be memorable and don’t forget to visit and taste the famous tourist destinations and traditional foods that you should try. To make it come true, you should list things to do in Medan to ensure that you don’t miss any second in Medan.

There are 6 of 13 things to do in Medan part 2 that you can do while visiting this city. It will help you in having great adventure while visiting this city as your holiday destinations. They are:

  1. In Medan, you are able to soak in the hot spring in Mount Sibayak foot. With the water of warm sulfur, it will help you to help you in decreasing your stress as well as can relive the rheumatism.
  2. Bukit Lawang. If you want to get in touch with orangutan, this place is the rehabilitation center of orangutan. If you visit in the meal time, you can watch the red haired primates in their habit.
  3. If you are a durian lover, it will be your best choices in optioning this city as your holiday destination. Why? It is because this city offers you a delicious durian with a legit taste that you will not get from the other durian in your city. Don’t forget to notice that you will get cheaper price here! You should prepare your stomach to eat them as much as you want it. Don’t forget to taste local durian while visiting this city.
  4. If you are looking for the foods as your souvenirs from this city, you can bring some Teng-teng or Ting-ting. It is a kind of tasty peanut cookie that has various taste of it. You can pack it because this snack is eatable for longer time.
  5. While visiting Medan, don’t forget to taste the sweet Martabak with Medanese style that can make you don’t forget this trip as well.
  6. If you want to get the best traditional colonial photo spots, you can go to the Medan Post Office which can make you have best photos while you are in Medan. This office was built during Dutch colonial in 1911. You can find the signature of best colonial architecture with a half circle window and has a large done on the top of it.
  7. If you want to get such as quirkiest attractions, you can visit Rahmat Gallery. This gallery is preserved animals for you, so if you are an taxidermy lover, you shouldn’t miss it away.

Those are the 6 of 13 things to do in Medan part 2 that you shouldn’t miss it away and feel how precious your visitation in this city well.

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