A Closer View at Blue Devil’s 2016-17 Season at the NCAA

Colleges and universities in the United States of America have already proved their passion for basketball, baseball, and soccer. The enthusiasm that is being attached to these games has gone to a different level altogether and intends to maintain the charm. As far as basketball is concerned, the Blue Devils have been a sensation to the college goers. With multiple players qualifying for the NBA every single session they pose to have the strongest scout till date.

However, Patrick Lanning, an avid follower of the game, and a student of the Duke University himself believes that the 2016-17 season has not been a great one for them. The three freshmen, Marques Bolden, Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum have not been able to be a part of the playing squad due to several injuries, and hence their debut still remains hazy. The five-star point guard Grayson Allen is even out of practice for the toe injury. But every incident in life has something to be learned from.

Patrick Lanning Oregon believes that the absence of these players has indeed brought forth some players who were under rated for quite a team. Let’s find out what to perceive from Blue Devil’s this season.

Matt Jones- A Defender Whom Blue Devils Would Never Want to Lose

Whatever be the position of the game, Matt Jones would never miss the starting lineup as none could even think of anyone guarding the points better than him. The 6’5’’ senior defender comes out strong and puts some steady resistance to the best of the players playing against him. While they were having their match against the Spartans, his primary concern was to block Miles Bridges, the hyper athletic small forward who was invincible. While points went galore for Bridges in rest of the matches, he had to contend with just 11 points against the Blue Devils.

Amile Jefferson- Another Cherry that Tasted Good On the Cake

This senior player is indeed a gem for Blue Devils and he has earned four doubles-doubles for himself in the last five games that he has played for Blue Devils. Within a flash of your sight, he’ll just spin around the defender; take some huge leaps and scores in that area. In fact, figures count to say that he scores almost 64 percent of his points in that zone and stopping him has always been a pain for the defenders. Moreover, Jefferson, just like Matt Jones has earned everything he wanted playing in Blue Devils. NCAA has always been the best time he’s been through and it won’t be too late to find him in the NBA squad.

Belief is what makes a team, and Blue Devils are a hell of a basketball team that opponents ever come across. Just close your eyes and they know where their teammates would be for the next pass and score. Years of effort and dedication has helped them gain this stage, and they are not ready to lose it under any circumstances.

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